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Pursuing one's passion

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

It seems like nowadays people are seeking out unconventional lifestyles. More young adults are escaping 9-to-5's, self-made entrepreneurs are multiplying (even more during the pandemic), hobbies are turning into full time jobs...

As a soon to be 22 year old, I can't help but consider this way of life more and more as college graduation approaches. As someone who likes to take pictures, create videos, tell a story in some type of creative way through digital media, I am seriously thinking that my life will also evolve into something that my parents have not seen before. A life where I can make my own schedule, where my interests aren't a waste of time but rather an investment. Creating this website was actually something I had been thinking about for a while, and now I'm taking the step to bringing my dreams to fruition.

The catch here is, how far can I go? How much am I willing to put at risk? Today, it only seems logical to do what makes you happy, but does one's happiness have to come from one source? Isn't happiness a choice? Of course, circumstances can impact our emotions, but to truly be happy and joyful does not have to necessarily depend on my source of income. This is what I struggle with and think about constantly. I guess the ubiquitous anxiety that millennials and zoomers (fun term for Gen Z) have has got me too. There is nothing wrong with pursuing our passions, I think that is a special journey that we should all venture out. But the doubts and fears that come because of my ridiculously powerful and creative brain do get to me sometimes.

What are you facing right now? Are you also questioning life? Have you pursued your passions?

Bedroom window
I tend to look out my bedroom window back in Guatemala when I am thinking.

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